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Brewery Coming Soon!

Beer Available Now!

Check out our "Beer" page to find out more about currently available beer!

Follow our Social Media to find out where to get our beer, and any "Events" that we'll be attending!

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Coastal Brew Works is a new Craft Beer Brewery that will be located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Plans for opening the brewery commenced in 2021, and are currently moving along at a great pace.


We did not want to let the Summer Of '22 go by without getting you to enjoy some of our tasty beer, so we decided to get some of it out to you sooner. Our flagship brands started launching around New Jersey in May, and we hope all of you enjoy drinking them as much as we do! Please visit our "Beer" page for information on beer availability.

As we get closer to an opening date for our own facility, we will certainly let everyone know. Please follow all of our Social Media for up to the minute updates on all of our building progress.


We look forward to serving you great beer of all styles for many years to come!

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